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"Can you create an independent income stream through investment in residential property? Certain Wealth Group can show you how." 

 Peter Switzer interviews William Meehan,
The Managing Director of Certain Wealth Group 

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Find investment properties that will build wealth for you.

Certain Wealth Group is a national organisation of highly skilled residential property investment experts. Since 2001, Certain Wealth Group has proven that any Australian can achieve wealth creation through investment property. (Yes - even YOU!)


You can achieve financial freedom through property investment.

All you need is the right investment knowledge, time saving tools and people you can trust to coach you on your way to certain wealth.


Do you want to save time and money while you build wealth?

Certain Wealth Group does the time consuming homework for you – for free … and gives you the right knowledge to make money in real estate – for free … We want you to achieve your lifestyle goals and give you the knowledge you need to make well informed property investment choices, backed by the Certain Wealth guarantee.


Remove the many inherent risks of choosing your investment property alone.

Our proven success formula has consistently provided portfolio growth well above expectation for our clients. Read these investment property success stories.


Imagine you and your family having a comfortable lifestyle for generations to come because you had the wisdom to choose the right knowledge first.  Knowledge gives you the confidence to make the right investment choices.   Be confident with Certain Wealth Group as your right investment property choice.



ViVA is Certain Wealth Group's Virtual Investor Viewing Application that will begin your property investment journey to financial independence.  When the time comes, and you're ready to begin your journey, your CWG Investment Director will be able to sit down with you in front of ViVA and take you on a virtual tour of the emerging growth corridors around Australia - including photos, video, statistical research data and more.    ViVA can save you many hours of work and travel.  By the time you're ready to inspect live property, you are already very well informed.


It's almost like being there! 


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MD'S Snippets Video - October 2014
Bill Meehan’s interview on Peter Switzer’s Sky Business show
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